Build Your Ring | Ever Rings

Let's build something awesome!

We are so excited to help you with your ring. Check out the steps below to understand our process.

Step 1: Let's Chat

We love talking to you, our customers! Please feel free to reach out in whichever way you feel comfortable. We would love to talk about a design you might have or even just answer a question.

Example of a customer ring mock up

Step 2: The Design

After the phone call, we will get to work on making some sketches and 3D rendered mock-ups (upon request) of your ring to show you how great it will look! We are usually in the design step for one to five days.

Step 3: The Approval

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your ring and will keep making mock ups until you are stoked. Once you approve the design, we will email you an invoice and wait for your payment.

Step 4: The Size

Sizing a ring is a big step and we make it easy for you! Ring sizes are not universal but are unique to each store. We send you our own sizing kit of titanium rings to try on and see what fits best. Free of charge! Once you find a ring that fits perfectly, email your designer your size and send the kit back to us in a pre-paid envelope.

Step 5:


Also our favorite step! Once we have your size, your work is all over. We will send you email updates as your ring gets made. This process usually takes three to five weeks, but can be sped up for you lovebirds if you are in a hurry to get married. We are so excited for you and cannot wait to help build your ring!