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We don’t have a shop page or preset styles you have to choose from (that would be boring). We make one ring: yours!

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To give you an idea of what we can do, here are some of our past rings. If you see something you love, let's chat!

The works! Couples come to us with an idea already in their head. It is a blast to make them their dream engagement ring.

A men’s wedding band should say something about you, and a carving like this echoes who you are.

How can you get creative and personal with your ring? Make something meaningful!

Diamond and gemstone settings is a defining way to give your custom men’s ring that unique style you’re looking for.

If you cannot see this ring, don't worry... it's camouflaged! Put in your own camo design as you build your own men’s wedding band.

Your fiancé a hunter? This could be the ring! We take actual antler from elk, deer, or any other animal, carve it out, and inlay in the ring. It can even be antler from your own deer! Unique? We think so.

Inlayed with a little pieces of granite rock, this ring lets you take a little bit of the mountains everywhere you go.

Not every guy wants a flashy ring, and we love that! There are still ways to customize your ring to make it classy, and unique.

Black zirconium is an edgy, yet classy way to go beyond the standard men’s wedding band.

Look at this ring! The sterling silver paired with dark zirconium is so dang good looking – need we say more?

A gold accent is a subtle way to give your custom men’s wedding band some personality.

An original carving into your men’s wedding ring can remind you of the important things.

What do you or your husband love to do? Maybe it’s biking, and this carbon fiber ring speaks to you.

Engrave the sound wave of your favorite song or your spouses voice into your ring, wherever you would like!

Placing the fingerprint of your loved one on your custom men’s ring is a great personal touch!

Damascus steel is the fusing of two metals together into one awesome looking ring!

Mokume Gane is an ancient technique used to adorn samurai swords making them, and this men’s ring, stunning.

Combine the handcrafted arts of Mokume Gane and Damascus steel into a ring unlike any other out there.

You are seeing this right...actual guitar string! Music means the world to many people and this ring celebrates that passion!

Inlay wood into your ring. Maybe it’s wood from your favorite spot or the place you got engaged!

Meteorite is literally a piece of fallen meteors from space. WHAT!?! If you're man gets cosmic, this is your piece!

A creative inlay like this men’s ring with meteorite can perfectly capture a passion!

Be as simple or as creative as you want to, just as long as it tells your story!